Plasmic Studio was founded in 1997 by Steve Spatucci, a seasoned creative professional and an expert in a number of creative disciplines. Steve is behind every project that Plasmic Studio, partnering with other specialists as needed.
Steve’s experience in print and web design, identity, illustration, animation, interactivity, audio and music recording and mixing, film, and writing allow him to bring a unique mix of skills to every project he completes. Steve has been featured in Creating Comics! by Rockport Publishers and is the author of the supernatural thriller Breach Point.
Because of this versatility, Plasmic Studio has no “house style” – each project is taken on with a fresh perspective, and is given the individual approach it deserves. Plasmic Studio has been engaged in a variety of projects, bringing multiple disciplines to each. Clients have included manufacturing and technology companies, regional stores and businesses, startups, entertainment entities, print and digital publications and publishers, financial firms, non-profits, healthcare/wellness organizations, and more. 
We also work with advertising agencies, marketing and communications firms, and other design studios, supplementing their existing capabilities with additional skills as they’re called for on a project-by-project basis.
One definition of “Plasmic” is “to give form or shape to; to forge”. It is this meaning that originally gave Plasmic Studio its name.
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